Abigail Wyatt is inspired by the beauty that lies in the lushness of Western North Carolina. She finds comfort and serenity in the wild allure that surrounds her in the pastures, hollers, and wooded areas of the Blue Ridge mountains.She can often be found wandering the land around her farmhouse, searching for the perfect foliage to accompany her creations.  Her floral arrangements and styling reflect the aesthetic of the orderly, yet untamed natural world in which she lives.

Emily O’neil’s work with flowers stemmed from her love of all things culinary. Whether she’s setting the table, styling a photo, or curating an event, Emily is always using florals to enhance the beauty of her creations. She loves using local ingredients in her arrangements and she enjoys incorporating all of the five senses into her work. Emily’s years sailing in Cape Cod have made her the master of tying ropes and figuring out tricky installations.